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La Ong Dao



Rescued on 1st November 2014

Gender: Female

Age: 55

Features: La Ong Dao is a tall female elephant. She has small ears and a very special skin partern, with white forehead and trunk and black circles around the eyes, giving her the nickname of “Panda”. She has a deformed foot and is missing a part of her tail.

She was forced to mate with a male but resisted. She was stabbed by the angry male’s tusks on her right side and her tail was broken.

Story: La Ong Dao has worked in tourism for the last 30 years in trekking camps in Pattaya after spending her young years in the logging industry. She carried couples of tourists on her back on an average of 10 to 15 rides a day, everyday.

She is now very afraid of male elephants.

Her rescue was an initiative of a few students of Shrewsbury’s International School in Bangkok, who started a fundraiser for her rescue.

She stayed for a couple of days in an adaptation enclosure before joining Kaew Petch which whom she is now spending every minute.

Update (May 2015):
La Ong Dao & Kaew Petch -
Goodbye Panda-face. Getting used to mud-bathing, foraging in the bushes and rubbing her skin on trees, former panda-face La Ong Dao now looks like a real wild elephant, her special markings hidden under layers of dust she naturally throws all over her body. No need to remain clean and pretty for trekking anymore, she opted for more “nature” style.
Skinny Kaew Petch also has showed quite a make-over in the last few months, visibly gaining more weight. A real pleasure to see the transformations in those two ladies, WFFT is doing them real good.

thai may15 3

Update (July 2016):
Our little family of elephants, Pin and mummy Pun, and aunties La Ong Dao and Kaew Petch have been having fun exploring their neighboring enclosure while we plant new large trees within their own enclosure. We have been doing some upgrades throughout the WFFT Elephant Refuge over the past few weeks with volunteers and staff working hard planting new large trees to create shade and new enrichments for our ele residents.

wfft july16 2 

wff june17 10Update (June 2017):
La Ong Dao is still the matriarch of her happy little herd. She is now living in an expanded enclosure with her friends Kaew Petch, Pun and her calf Pin. WFFT has been trying to introduce another elephant - Jele - into this herd, as Jele and the young calf Pin are very interested in playing and spending time with each other.

Unfortunately, La Ong Dao is extremely protective over the baby Pin, and is hesitant to allow another elephant into the group. WFFT has Jele and La Ong Dao’s herd living next door to each other, in the hopes that they will one day learn to get along.


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