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Khan Kluey


Khan Kluey (meaning "Banana Leaf Stalk") Fast Facts:

At WFFT since: 2008

Age: 8 years (estimate)

Gender: Male

Features: Smooth grey skin, scars, very small tusks (his tusks were broken during his escape attempts in his former life)

Story: Khan Kluey is a male baby Asian Elephant who was destined to become a dancing elephant before he was rescued by WFFT. Luckily, due to being rescued at a young age, this willful little elephant will never have to carry tourists, haul logs, or beg on the streets. He loves pineapples and play fights

KhanKluey Feb2014
Update (September 2013):

Khan Kluey is a healthy boy getting into his teenage years. He is very playful, hence the WFFT volunteers are overly active with enrichments to keep him busy. For example he loves to pop balloons, so when they volunteers hang them from the side of the shade hut, he runs over to either squeeze them in his mouth, or step on them. It’s safe, as he knows not to eat the plastic. The team has been searching for sturdier toys, however unfortunately they can’t get specialized items over in Thailand. For example the ball in this the photo was destroyed after about 10 minutes; but a fun 10 minutes it was for him! He just loves to dive under water with the ball, throw it into the air and back under water again. He has no health issues, is eating really well and developing as a young male elephant should. He is responding very well to his training by the WFFT vet, putting his foot up on command, walking backwards and showing his other side to the vet. He now allows her to touch his legs and feet, which means that he has started to trust her. He always seems disappointed when the training is over, and seems to be asking for more! 

He is also still getting on very well with his adoptive mother Boonmee, who is copying his behavior more often than the other way around!

Update (May 2015):
Khan Kluey & Somboon 
- Started in January, Khan Kluey’s new enclosure is soon to be finished. The construction staff is currently working on the last enrichments for the young boy to play with.
WFFT teams are getting ready to move Khan Kluey and Somboon in the end of June, giving them the chance to enjoy that whole new home together.

thai may15 4

Update (July 2016):
Enriching the lives of the rescued animals at WFFT can often be challenging but is rather rewarding. The staff and volunteers try to create and implement many different behavioral and environmental enrichments to keep our animals occupied, healthy and happy. A team of staff and volunteers worked hard making a new toy for our young bull elephant, Khan Kluey, and his enclosure buddy, Somboon. We gave it to them, as you can see from the pictures they loved it, particularly Khan Kluey.

wfft july16 4 

wff june17 11Update (June 2017):
When Khan Kluey first arrived at Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand he was a young, traumatized calf with understandably poor manners. Over the years he has grown big and strong under the careful watch of his surrogate mother Somboon and the WFFT team. He now resides in a specialized concrete enclosure, where no humans come in contact with him.

Because of Khan Kluey’s young age and his history, he is extremely aggressive and dangerous. His teams continue to create enrichments which will provide him entertainment without risking the safety of our staff and volunteers.


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