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Kaew Petch



Kaew Petch (meaning “Diamond glass”) Fast Facts:

At WFFT since: April 2014

Age: 50 +

Gender: Female

Kaew Petch is a very tall elephant. She has clear grey-blue eyes with long dark eyelashes and small ears. She has a skin disease that covers 60 % of her body, including her ears, forhead and back.

Kaew Petch is an Asian elephant who spent 30 years working in the tourism industry as a treking elephant in Pattaya. She has a severe fungal infection on her skin which makes her very itchy. Without any facilities to bath at the camp, she received no treatment between her tours. Kaew Petch had to endure this very irritating disease for quite some time before receiving treatment. WFFT rescued Kaew Petch in early April 2014. Treatment for her skin condition began straight away, relieving Kaew Petch from irritation and she can now finally enjoy her retirement.

We provided the required treatment to ease Kaew Petch skin condition on arrival. We are now giving her a proper shower on a daily basis and she is treated twice a week with medicated shampoo. She also receives a bath in her private lake, good scrubs and an anti-fungal lotion. It may take several months to cure her skin disease, however, we can already see improvements.

She is now sharing a large enclosure with Boon Chuey, our other new arrival, and the two of them happily investigate their new surroundings together.

Update (May 2015):
La Ong Dao & Kaew Petch -
Goodbye Panda-face. Getting used to mud-bathing, foraging in the bushes and rubbing her skin on trees, former panda-face La Ong Dao now looks like a real wild elephant, her special markings hidden under layers of dust she naturally throws all over her body. No need to remain clean and pretty for trekking anymore, she opted for more “nature” style.
Skinny Kaew Petch also has showed quite a make-over in the last few months, visibly gaining more weight. A real pleasure to see the transformations in those two ladies, WFFT is doing them real good.

thai may15 3

Update (July 2016):
Our little family of elephants, Pin and mummy Pun, and aunties La Ong Dao and Kaew Petch have been having fun exploring their neighboring enclosure while we plant new large trees within their own enclosure. We have been doing some upgrades throughout the WFFT Elephant Refuge over the past few weeks with volunteers and staff working hard planting new large trees to create shade and new enrichments for our ele residents.
wfft july16 2

wff june17 9Update (June 2017):
Kaew Petch in her little herd of four is now living in an expanded enclosure with her friends La Ong Dao, Pun and her calf Pin. These four ladies have even more room to roam, and a variety of habitat to explore including open grassy fields and forested areas. The new trees in their enclosure provide shade and act as scratching posts for the elephants.

When Kaew Petch first arrived at WFFT she had difficulty using her trunk, as she had always been fed directly into her mouth. Now, she happily showers herself with water and mud from her lake without issue. She is also able to pass along her newfound knowledge to young Pin as she gets the opportunity to help raise a calf.


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