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Duen Phen


Duen Phen (meaning "Full Moon") Fast Facts:

At WFFT since: March 2012

Age: Between 55-60 years

Gender: Female

Features: Large abcess on left cheek and back of front leg; half of tail missing.

Duen Phen’s story is similar to See Puak's tale. She was caught from the wild as a baby, torn away from her mother and trained for a life of hard labor. She has spent the last 40+ years enduring forced labor in the logging industry, as a street begging elephant and in the tourist industry.

Duen Phen’s owner called WFFT as she wasn’t able to work anymore. She is now safe from harm at WFFT and will spend the rest of her life work free, happy and healthy.

Duen Phen is very welcoming of human attention. She likes to follow volunteers and staff up and down the side of her enclosure.

Update (September 2013):
Duen Phen came to WFFT with a chronic abcess on her left cheek. It’s not active, however the vet is concerned it will start to cause issues so Duenphen has recently undergone surgery to drain it, and currently gets a twice weekly cleaning of the wound. As she has the worst leg scars of all the rescue elephants, she is very traumatized and hence very difficult to train. To date, the WFFT volunteers have still not been able to trim her nails. 

As Duen Phen shares an enclosure with the more dominant See Puak, the volunteers scatter their food around their enclosure to allow Duen Phen to get equal access. She is quite particular about her food; for example if the volunteers freeze fruit into big ice lollies, she will just wait for the ice to melt before going near it. This is quite an unusual response, since most of the other elephants love eating it while it's still frozen. 

DuenPhen Feb2014DuenPhen2 Feb2014Duenphen abcess3

Update (May 2015):
See Puak, Namphon & Duenphen
 - The volunteers have been busy creating new enrichments to keep our New Land’s girls entertained and active.
They have been given various types of enrichments such as tyres they love to kick, high hidden feeder bowls to encourage natural browsing behaviours and hay that they enjoy throwing all over themselves.

thai may15 6

Update (July 2016):
Some of our rescued pachyderm residents, Duen Phen, Nam Fon, and See Puak in our wild enclosure. These girls spend their days and nights chain free doing what they want to do, roaming their large forested enclosure.
wfft july16 3

wff june17 6Update (June 2017):
Duen Phen is still happily living in WFFT’s wildest, largest elephant enclosure with her two friends See Puak and Nam Phon. Duen Phen is the most submissive of the three, and will follow along behind the other two ladies at a bit of a distance. While See Puak and Nam Phon are quite curious about human visitors at the enclosure, Duen Phen sometimes prefers to be by herself. Because these ladies have so much space to roam, whenever Duen Phen is feeling shy she is able to stay hidden in the trees away from people and the other elephants.


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