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Dao Rueng



Dao Rueng (meaning “Marigold”) Fast Facts:

At WFFT since: July 2014

Age: 50 +

Gender: Female

Dao Rueng is a very tall, massive elephant. She has light-brown eyes, but one presents signs of glaucoma and is turning white. She has a very long forehead and small ears. She looks very strong but has a bad leg that makes her slightly limp.

Dao Rueng had spent her life working in the tourism industry in Kanchanaburi. With a bad leg, getting old and tired, Dao Rueng was forced to carry tourists each and every day. Her owner used her for his income, his livelihood. Luckily for Dao Rueng, a friend from the past came through with the promise of freedom.

Her right front leg is causing her to walk with some difficulties as she is not able to bend her foot, her leg remaining straight and rigid. It is not causing her any pain, but probably a lot of discomfort.

Upon arrival at WFFT, she has some superficial wounds on her forehead that we treated right away with appropriate antibiotic cream.

She now lives completely unchained in the adaptation enclosure that she is exploring with great enthousiam.

Update (May 2015): 
Boon Chuey & Dao Rueng - Finally some good rain!
Used to their daily bathing routine, Boon Chuey and Dao Rueng can now get a swim in fresh water as a few consecutive days of rain nicely filled up their lake.
Everyday around lunch time, they both go for a good half-an-hour bath, splashing and diving together, visibly enjoying their time in the water.
The rain has also made their whole enclosure very lush and green, encouraging the two inseparable friends to graze around.

thai may15 2

Update (July 2016):
We have recently increased the amount of grass that we offer the elephants in their daily diet so this means that the grass delivery man has to visit our rescue centre twice a week! Boon Chuey and Dao Rueng have the most fun during the delivery and chase the truck along the length of their enclosure trumpeting loudly with excitement.
wfft july16 9

wff june17 1

Update (June 2017):
Dao Rueng is still living happily with her best friend Boon Chuey. The two ladies have been adjusting nicely to their new larger enclosure, and are now feeling quite at home. 

Our gentle giant Dao Rueng particularly loves to spend the mornings and afternoons playing and splashing in her larger lake, while her sassy friend Boon Chuey watches over her from the dry and. On very hot days the two ladies can be found standing side by side in their gazebo, happily napping together in the shade.


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6. Eleanor Hubble, WA ($100)

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