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When the Friendicoes team rescued Kanha, he was just 2 weeks old. He had been abandoned on the ambulance's route. Sadly, male calves are often left to fend for themselves as they are not much use to their owners. This is why you see so many bulls roaming loose on the roads and highways in India. The ones that do not get run over by cars and trucks live their lives on the road. Friendicoes has rescued a lot of male calves in the past, both healthy and injured, and have presently around 19 of them - all grown up!

The 2 weeks old calf is now growing up and has been named Kanha by the volunteers. 

Update (March 2013)
Kanha is 18 months old and all grown up now. He is sprouting 2 tiny horns, which you can just about make out in the photos below. He is well accepted by the remaining cows in the sanctuary, but can be a bit aloof at times. But he is healthy and doing well.
Kanha1 Feb2014Kanha2 Feb2014Kanha3 Feb2014

Update (September 2014)
Kanha has grown up quite a bit in the last 6 months. This handsome boy is shy and reticent about making friends but of late he has been seen to be socializing much more and always in the middle of a group of bovines. He is shy of strangers and walks away if approached. It is understandable given his difficult start to life. The great thing is he is happy, well and a contented cow living in peace at the Friendicoes sanctuary in India.


friendi oct15 19

Update (October 2015)
To many who do not understand cows or think that their only use is for milk and meat do not know that cows are emotional creatures and are capable of great unity and friendship. It is near impossible to treat a cow when the whole herd is present. So every time we need to deworm the cows at our sanctuary we have to separate them and keep the rest of the herd away so that we can deworm one. So no wonder it was a futile effort to get Kanha away from the herd for a picture moment. Where we led him the rest of the herd followed obviously curious and distressed.

From an orphaned baby Kanha has now become a very integral part of the herd at the Friendicoes sanctuary. He is one of the youngest in the pecking order but none the less protected and looked after by "his own". The horns that were just starting to push out a year back are now a couple of inches long. He is also noticeably putting on muscles and girth and keeping good health.

friendi oct15 20Kanha is now 3 years old and has lived almost all of those 3 years with us. We are happy he did not meet the abuse and hard life that most cows face on the streets in India. Starting from injuries to rotten food to eating polythene (the most deadly cause of death in cows) and suffocating a slow death, cows on the streets in Indian cities live a terrible life. We are happy we could save Kanha at least if not every one of the abandoned babies.


Update (November 2016) 
Kanha is a big brown boy now. His skin has tanned to a darker shade, he has grown bigger and he is also sporting bigger horns than a year ago. 

He is a gentleman. He has never chased strangers or hardly gives any trouble unlike some other mischievous bulls we know. Kanha waits to be served and also patiently awaits his turn at the feed trough. He is quiet and reserved by personality and while he hangs out with the herd there is no particular interaction with any member of the herd. He follows you with his eyes once you enter his enclosure but unlike other cows and bulls he does not approach to intimidate or show any curiosity beyond staring at you. 
Kanha nov16 1 Kanha nov16 2

Update (May 2017) 
Kanha recently celebrated his 5th birthday at the sanctuary. As he grows older, Kanha is coming into his own. From a shy, introvert calf he is now a curious, bold adult who is suspicious of everything new that enters his space and has self appointed himself as supervisor of all things new. So nothing escapes his inspection whether it is a new water trough or a wheel barrow or a new staff member or a visitor. 

From the protected baby of the herd he has now grown into a strong, confident bull who takes his responsibility of his herd seriously. He is still aloof from the others, with no particular bonding to anyone but he is very much a part of the herd he grew up with. Being a calm, trouble free chap and with no females in his herd Kanha's castration has been delayed so far. But he is soon due to be castrated.

kanha may2017 1kanha may2017 2kanha may2017 3


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