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Tommy was rescued in early 2010 as a very young pup with paralysed front legs. He was only able to move by crawling on his twisted forelegs.

With a lot of love and care from Gabi and the children at the Happy Childrens Orphanage in Nepal (where six of Animal Nepal's other sponsored equines live), Tommy has made steady progress, and the results are amazing.

With continued support, Tommy will grow into a beautiful dog and live the life that he deserves.

Update (May 2015)
Tommy is feeling much better these days, if not better than ever before. After a long search for the proper treatment and doctors even in Europe and spending a fortune of money, we have finally found the right cure for Tommy. We are so happy to see him fully recovered and healthy now from his skin problem. He had a rare infection caused by lice and really made him suffer. Now not only his skin, fur is visibly better, but also his mental state. His nervousness is reduced and he is more or less a calm and satisfied dog now. The bad itching of his body is over now.  He is running around happily with his 3 friends on the compound. Even the fighting and aggressiveness out of anxiety stopped. 

He often used to howl before, but now, he is just happy and fully satisfied. He gained weight and it seems even that he grew, which might just be a subjective impression of gaining weight. His doghouse and sleeping place was completely renewed to make sure no bugs can harm him any more. He loves his biscuits and in his pack of 4, he is the leader. Recently he got a new friend, Lucky.  First, they were not really close, since Tommy, did not allow him to come close and sleep inside his house, but now they are best of friends.

A few weeks ago, Tommy jumped the fence and had a big fight with some street dogs, which left him quite injured. He had to be taken to the vet and even remove a loose tooth. He is fully recovered now.

His diet is also more balanced now. Something not so easy to fulfil in Nepal. With his vitamins and a spoon of coconut oil, he has all he needs now.

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Update (May 2016)
Tommy is a happy and curious dog living in a pack together with 4 more dogs. He is the biggest and the boss. On the big compound they run around freely and just enjoy their days. He has not been ill since he was cured from the long lasting skin disease.

Tommy loves dog biscuits and an extra treat. Bathing is not really his favourite, but he bears bath time more than the other dogs. Luckily, there is not more to say to Tommy, since he lives his days healthily and happily.

tommy april16 1 tommy april16 2 tommy april16 4

Solely sponsored by:
1. Deborah & Iris Hill, WA ($300)

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