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Gender: Female

Age: 13 years (approximately)

Rescued: March 2015

Basanti arrived at the Help in Suffering (HIS) Camel Rescue Centre in March 2015 with two other camels, Jai and Veeru.

The three camels were rescued by a New Delhi based animal welfare organisation. This organisation discovered the three camels as they were being loaded onto a truck - most likely destined for slaughter.

Unfortunately the organisation did not have sufficient space and resources to keep Jai, Veeru and Basanti and contacted HIS to see if they could accommodate the rescued camels.

HIS happily agreed to take in the three camels and save them from their cruel fate.

After arriving at HIS Jai, Veeru and Basanti were thoroughly examined. All were weak, emaciated and suffering from mange - a skin infection caused by parasitic mites.

Basanti and her fellow rescuees Jai and Veeru are now thriving after settling in to their new lives at the Camel Rescue Centre. They have found a new friend in Krishna who loves having extra camels around to keep him company.

camel aug16 1

Update (August 2016):
Camels in India are very strong and hardworking animals. They are used to carry heavy loads and for transportation. Although they earn bread and butter for a family, they suffer from overloading, beating and negligence of the owner. Working seven days a week without any leave or off days to fulfil the greed of the so called human beings.

Basanti is about 12 yrs. Old camel, the only female member among all the males. Naturally she is the centre of attraction. She was rescued about 2 years ago when being carried to a slaughter house.  She was then suffering from severe dermatitis. Her calm nature makes it easy to handle her. She loves grazing freely in the CRC compound. Arrival of anybody makes her very attentive. A few days ago she suffered from mange but soon recovered from the ailment. Now she has gained weight which shows her good health and happiness of freedom.


camel upd 17 1Update (July 2017):
Basanti was rescued around one and a half years ago when she was going to be slaughtered with many other camels. At the time of rescue, she was malnourished and had multiple wounds all over her body. She is approximately, a 13-year-old female and resides at the Camel Rescue Centre and hospital in Bassi, India. Since the day she was rescued from the people taking her to the slaughter house her behaviour has not changed.

She is still a shy and calm female. She loves the company of her care taker Kamlesh. She has no special choice of food and happy to eat whatever is put in front of her. Now she is in good health and likes to be the centre of attraction among the male camels.


Currently sponsored by:
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5. Joh Family, USA ($100)
6. Sharin Garden, UK ($100)

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