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Roushya was retired on 14th February 2012 as part of Animal Rahat’s mini tractor project. Roushya had been paired with Houshya and their guardian was given a mini tractor at a subsidised rate by the sugar factory and Animal Rahat for retiring his pair of bullocks. Immediately upon reaching the ‘Home for Retired Bullocks’ (HRB), his nose rope was removed and he was kept only on a face halter sin order to relieve the pain caused by the nose rope. Since then, Roushya has enjoyed the freedom of living in the company of other bullocks.


Roushya is very friendly in nature. When he arrived, a detailed clinical examination revealed that he was malnourished, weak and heavily infested with ticks. Like similar new arrivals, Roushya was immediately given a bath using anti-tick medication and was also given an oral shot of ivermectin for worming. The bullocks continue to receive a balanced ration comprising of roughage and concentrate (ground nut cake) and he is groomed daily. Taking his lead from Roushya, his companion Houshya has also learned to enjoy the regular grooming and company of the Animal Rahat care takers.

Roushya is friendly with other residents and enjoys a happy retired life now.

Update (September 2014)

Roushya is almost 17 years old, and he's very friendly with the caretakers. This majestic bullock enjoys being groomed and remains quiet during the entire session. He especially loves being groomed between his horns and on the inner thigh area. Roushya's best friend is a fellow resident named Houshya, who's also known as "Fallon".

Roushya has a healthy appetite: after finishing his own food, he tries to eat some of Houshya's meal and even reaches his head through the fence to try to eat the outside grass. He can be seen eating grass while he's lying down, too.

When a group of new people come to the Home for Retired Bullocks, Roushya immediately starts jumping and running around. He enjoys rain showers, and after being outside in the rain, he'll retreat to the shed to dry off.

Update (August 2016)
Roushya, who’s about 19 years old, shares a cubicle with 11 friends at the new sanctuary. This big boy is a weather geek – when it rains, he does a happy dance. He spends his days hanging out with his friends, licking his mineral salt brick, and giving himself back scratches on his shed’s posts. He loves being groomed, and it shows in his shiny, healthy coat.
Roushya’s best friend is Bandya, and they serve as the sanctuary’s welcoming committee. When new residents arrive, the two greet them by jumping and generally carrying on. Roushya is a bit of a diva, pawing the ground in the evening to demand his supper. But he always thanks his caretakers by rumbling his appreciation.
bull aug16 1 bull aug16 2

Update (September 2017)
Just shy of 20 years old,Roushya loves food and playing in the rain.  He is docile and friendly with all and enjoys being groomed by his human caretakers. 
Even when he’s resting, this social butterfly prefers the company of others and tends to lie down with friends, especially his best buddies, Jim and Sonya. At more than 1500 pounds, Roushya is a big boy, and it should come as no surprise that he becomes quite excited by the sight of green grass and fodder. Even though he loves meal time, he’s a slow eater compared to others. He savors his mealssometimes for an hour or so. He also enjoys licking mineral salt licks to fulfill his deficiencies of the trace minerals and salts.  

bol sep17 1 bol sep17 2 bol sep17 3


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