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Girth Padding

Do you or does anyone you know have a sewing machine, some spare fabric and a little spare time? 

gili ponies campa15 2A big problem with the ponies on Gili Island was girth wounds is that many of the leather straps that run under the ponies' bellies are held together with nails which then of course rub and cause very nasty wounds. In many cases the nails cannot be removed as they are what is holding the leather together so the only option is covering them to protect the pony's side. As such, we need to make as many girth covers as we can that slide over the girth/ nails to protect the pony and stop the rubbing. 

Kirsten from Dental Vet went to a fabric shop and bought offcuts/ reduced material which ended up being was really cheap (she spent $12 and there should be enough to make at least 4 or 5) and it took her about 20 minutes to make this cover. 

The main thing is an inner layer of a tougher material (hers was just about 8 layers of a normal fabric) as it will likely have a nail or piece of wire rubbing against it, and an outer softer layer as this is what will be rubbing against the wound. They also have an extra loop on the underside for the second harness strap to slide through so there is no pinching between the straps.

Any help would be very much appreciated, hundreds of them are ideally needed, as most ponies have some form of wound from the girth and if 100 people each make 2 or 3 (or more!) then we will be there in no time!


For more information and to find out the best way to get the girth padding to Gili send a private message Kirsten on the Dental Vet Facebook page:

Instructions on making the padding:

gili girthpadding16 3


1. The inner fabric is about 8 layers thick as it needs to be strong to withstand the forces of the nails rubbing. If you have a tougher fabric such as canvas, less would be fine. The measurements are around 25cm x 65cm for the inner layer and 30cm x 65cm for the outer soft layer.




gili girthpadding16 1


2. Stitch the 2 together to hold them in place.




gili girthpadding16 2


3. Fold it over and stitch down the side to create a sleeve. I stitched a line through all layers of material and then a second line just to make the edge neater. The internal diameter needs to be around 8 or 9cm as the girths are around 5cm wide.



gili girthpadding16 4


4. Then lastly, add a small loop on the outside. This is to hold the second strap that runs from the cart and under the belly- to hold it in place so it doesn't pinch and keeps any nails in that strap away from the pony! Turns it into a double girth cover as it protects the pony from both straps!










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