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Gili Island Horse and Pony Fund

Gilli Island HorsesAnimal Aid Abroad, Gili Eco Trust and Jakarta Animal Aid Network have joined forces to help the long suffering carriage horses and ponies on Gili Trawangan Island, Lombok, Bali. 

These horses and ponies are emaciated, diseased, given minimal salt water to drink, insufficient food and no veterinary care.  They work all day and night in stifling heat ferrying tourists, luggage and working materials around the island. 

They have no shelter, their stables and bedding are dirty and inadequate (some can’t even lie down as their ropes are too short), their hoofs are not cared for, their carriages are massively overloaded, they wear ill-fitting harnesses and bits and are often beaten to keep them moving. 

They live for approximately two years as compared to the usual twenty five plus years for a healthy horse or pony.  The horses that carry working materials are in even worse condition.  The owners ensure tourists mainly see the healthier animals. 

Their owners do not know how to look after them and don't care about their well-being.  They use them to earn as much money as possible and it is cheaper for them to let them slowly die of dehydration, exhaustion and disease and buy new animals than it is to care for the existing animals.

Tourists are supporting this cruelty. We urgently need to meet their basic needs of fresh water, food and shelter and then work towards introducing alternative modes of transport.

Please help us by doing any or all of the following actions:

Donate to the Gili Island Horse and Pony fund so we can get fresh water and proper food and care to these animals by clicking on the following link:

Download a letter that you can sign and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. that we will send on your behalf.

Or you can send the letter directly yourself by attaching it to an email and sending it to the email address provided in each letter.

Click on the links below to download the letter templates:

Government letter 1

Government letter 2

You can also send the letter to the Indonesia Embassy in Canberra using the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Will you be taking a pony cart while on the Gili Islands?

Bicycle and pony carts known as Cidomos are the unique modes of transport authorized in the Gili’s. While many drivers do try to do the right thing by their ponies, other ponies are not treated well. If you choose to use a Cidomo, please take a few minutes to look at the pony and support the drivers who are taking better care of their pony. Things to avoid are ponies that are panting, very sweaty and left standing in the sun and below are examples of better welfare and poorer welfare equipment and outcomes to look out for. Before you choose to take a pony cart, take a minute to look a little closer as your informed choice, and explaining to the driver why, can encourage drivers to make better welfare choices for their pony in the future and encourage an environment where welfare is valued.

Gili Ponies flyer 1

The images above are a selection chosen for you to identify a pony cart easily which has good equipment such as a kind bit in their mouth, are reasonably well fed, boots on their legs and harness padding to protect their shoulders when the weight changes when you get in and out of the cart. By choosing a pony with any gear such as displayed, you will be making an informed choice on your mode of transportation around Gili.

Gili Ponies flyer 2

These images are a selection chosen for you to identify a poorly kept pony. Look out for any wounds such as sores around their mouth, cuts on their legs, wounds around their belly, ponies that are skinny and underfed and for bits (mouthpieces) like shown above that are severe. You choosing to say no to a pony like the above will mean you have made a choice for the welfare of the ponies on Gili. Please avoid any pony like shown above.

Video footage:

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