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All Donations made to Animal Aid Abroad go towards helping and aiding working animals and street animals in need all around the world.

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donationA donation to support an animal in need, makes a great gift and can be made in the name of a family member or friend.

Should this donation be for a gift, we'll gladly send a gift certificate to the chosen recipient to let them know of the support their gift is going towards. Please state the gift recipient's details, full name and postal address or alternatively provide their email address in the comments box during checkout.

If you have a reason to celebrate, then why not consider asking people to donate to Animal Aid Abroad as a gift on your behalf. This is a great way to mark your special occasion, such as a birthday, engagement, wedding or anniversary, while helping to improve the lives of street and working animals in developing countries such as Egypt, Nepal, Thailand and India.

All donations at and above $275 come with an automatic Life Membership with Animal Aid Abroad.

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Note: All donations at and above $275 come with an
automatic Life Membership with Animal Aid Abroad

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Every day animals around the world are being overworked and abused, forced to carry heavy loads or to work for tourism purposes with little or no rest, food or water. Animal Aid Abroad works alongside partner groups to educate communities, provide shelter for animals and much needed food, water and care.


Latest News & Projects

  • Pegasus Sponsors Update - 2017

    Shmaya Shmaya (to hear) shows the world of animal lovers that though he once endured tremendous cruelty, he is aware that not all humans are bad and that he is now loved, something he had never experienced before his rescue. He continues to be a symbol of overcoming. Though he can't hear, yet he sees Zvika coming from a distance and he rushes over to receive a big hug from Zvika every day. Zvika receives a hug back, in a donkey sort a way.   Rahat Rahat, once burnt by evil boys, is forever safe at Pegasus. He loves to energize the pack...
  • Donkey Management & Welfare Update - March 2017

    It's only a fence but what a great fence it is!! Finally, work has started on the Donkey Clinic site at Thailankudiyiruppu. Under the expert instructions of Dr. Ramesh from Donkey Sanctuary India, local labourers have commenced erecting the extensive fence around the property. Alhathir has engaged locals to undertake the work, providing badly needed income for materially poor families in the surrounding areas. The journey of the ‘The Donkey Clinic facility’ has been followed closely by Janet and her dedicate...
  • Animal Nepal Update - March 2017

    Retired life at Godawari Donkey Sanctuary During the month of March a few resident donkeys at the Animal Nepal Sanctuary found themselves in the medical clinic getting so much needed care and treatment. Puffin had some skin problems and is under treatment at the moment. She is showing signs of recovery. Maneka, probably the oldest donkey at the Sanctuary, has been struggling to stand up and has some wounds on her front leg. The Animal Nepal team are trying their best to take care of her by providing regular dressing, treatment and appropriat...
  • SAWS Update - March 2017

    Four months ago, our partner group- SAWS met a working donkey and his owner on the way to one of their clinics. The donkey was extremely thin and had many visible injuries on its back and legs. After the SAWS’ clinic team examined the donkey, they realized that the donkey needed immediate relief Therefore, the clinic team advised the owner to take off the pulling cart and allow the donkey to heal and rest. SAWS gave the donkey owner some money to survive for the 8 days his donkey was not working. They also gave him medication and instructions o...
  • TAWC Update - March 2017

    Donkey Lifesaving Project January-March Tanzania Animal Welfare Charity has continued to carry out lifesaving for donkeys in desperate need of our help in Misungwi, Tanzania. We treated donkeys’ wounds related to beating or poor harnesses and deworming and other vet care for all donkeys, using the funds donated by Animal Aid Abroad .  We are glad that the following projects were achieved: Mobile veterinary clinics for donkeys in rural areas where no access to vets along with humane education funded by ANIMAL AID ABROAD.  Streng...
  • Thailand Updates - March 2017

    A girl has to have her toys!!! Wildlife Friends for Thailand [WFFT] wonderful and dedicated volunteers have been incredibly busy fixing up and refurbishing the elephant enclosures as a little rain has begun to fall and and grace the grounds with a sprinkling of green. Hours of baking sun is allowing the freshly reforested trees to flourish and the concrete to set, making way for a more exciting home for WFFT rescued residents! Most notably and clearly a new favourite with Jele, one of the older rescued elephants is her deep tube fee...

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Name: Animal Aid Abroad
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