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romania 2017 1Steluta

Steluta, our nosy girl is always up to something. Under Cercel’s protection she will act like a spoiled child who should receive anything and everything. She had a good winter, but life is always better when the sun is shining.

Having Steluta as his adoptive daughter, Cercel spends a lot of his time either protecting her or correcting her. He has his hands full with her and the other 3 ladies that live in the same stable: Tania,Margherita and Doina.

romania 2017 2Doina

Our independent teen, will only do things on her terms. First for treats, last for serious matters. She was Margherita’s support when they first met and now they are unseparable.

Margherita, the fighter, is enjoying life at our sanctuary. A well-deserved peace and quiet after the horrors she’s been through before we rescued her. In Doina’s company, her inseparable friend, she even started to trust people more. After months of treatment, whenever she saw Roxana she ran in the opposite direction. This year, Roxana is happy to confess that she could touch her, pet her, and brush her without having to chase her in the paddock.

romania 2017 3Dominique

Dominique, is the Sanctuary’s most joyful horse. After the knee surgery last year he didn’t forget how to enjoy life. He follows Roxana everywhere, licks her hand like a dog and is always ready to be cuddled and brushed. He is an absolute treasure and loves to hang out with his best mate Victor.



romania 2017 4Victor

Victor is the horse that always poses for pictures and is fascinated by cameras. With the sun shining and the grass green, he never stops nagging Dominique and running around like children.


romania 2017 5Jhonny

Jhonny, the wise, old boy, is gentle and well mannered. He will always keep a close eye on Dominique and Victor in case he needs to make them behave. Luckily the boys respect his seniority. He loves nothing better than being first out of his stable each morning and showing his two younger charges the way.

Outreach Clinic News

romania march17 2

This week our Romanian partners [SAVE the Dogs and Other Animals] had an intervention in a poor neighborhood in Cernavoda, involving a mare and her young foal. They went there with the police, after the horse escaped on Sunday evening and remained loose on a public street. They contacted the owner and the horse was taken back home. The owner was notified by the local Police that if the episode happens again, the horse will be confiscated and given in SAVES care. Also since the mare had a suckling foal and was underweight, Roxana and Raul decided to deliver small amounts of food every couple of days, this way keeping a close eye on her. Find attached a few photos of the activity.

This week the SAVE team also saw another 10 horses in a nearby village on their outreach work, doing worming and in one case doing a dental check and general check of the horses. 

romania march17 1 romania march17 3


Mobile Outreach clinic to Medgida village to help working horses

Animal Aid Abroad is now funding outreach clinics to help the hundreds of working horses in the Medgidia and Cernavoda area of Romania. This area is among the poorest of the country and has a very high percentage of Romas, who still use horses for transport and work.

Our partner group, Save the Dogs and other Animals are conducting these clinics which will take place on a regular basis now that we are funding them.

This particular clinic treated 20 horses in a poor gypsy neighbourhood of Medgidia. Besides worming all horses, advice and medical treatment was given where needed. The photo's show Raul and Roxana from Save the Dogs treating the horses and talking to the owners.

romania nov16 1 romania nov16 2
romania nov16 3 romania nov16 4
romania nov16 5 romania nov16 6


stday nov16 1


Steluta enjoyed the grass access and the new friends she made after her and Cercel were moved in shelter 3 with Tania, Lena, Margherita and Doina. She always wants to be at the centre of everyone’s attentions, always curious about everything. She’s still best friends with Cercel, but she also has bonded with Tania.



stday nov16 2Doina

Our grey spotted lady, is the youngest horse at our sanctuary. Best friends with Margherita, she is always at her side to show her support and encouragement. She has a really well shaped personality but needs her personal space that you need to respect.




stday nov16 3


Dominique’s recovery post-op went well…you wouln’t even gueesd he had an operation on his knee. He is always very playful and truly enjoyd the summer season.




stday nov16 4Victor

Always ready to have a good time, he will never get bored if he’s with Dominique. Whenever he is running his long main will float in the air like he’s making a shampoo commercial. Always ready to be brushed and scratched.




stday nov16 5Jhonny

Jhonny is our senior horse, always posing a lord-like appearance. Calm, patient and wise, he is always watching the 2 teenagers, Victor and Dominique. He is the father figure that leads the other 2 boys.

Save the Dogs and Other Animals  outreach program has helped more than 50 horses since their clinics started. At the moment they are preparing for a large program to help working horses in a gipsy neighborhood in Medgidia. Animal Aid Abroad has come on-board to assist Save the Dogs and Other Animals Outreach program to help sick, injured and neglected working horses that live in this region of Romania. 

We would like to share three cases from their outreach program.

Case 1:

The clinic team were contacted by a woman saying her horse injured himself while pulling their cart. The team immediately went to assess the case and offer medical help. The horse had a huge wound on his chest and fore limbs that was bleeding and needed stitches. They sutured the wound, gave pain relief and antibiotic treatment. The owners were a very poor family that depended on the horse in their daily life.

After follow up treatment the horse has recovered completely and is doing well.

romania sept16 2 romania sept16 3

Case 2:

Recently the clinic team were contacted by some animal lovers from Constanta saying that there was a collapsed horse  in a public area. The horse was in a severe state. They moved the horse to a place where they could treat the horse safely. She was in no condition to travel 60 km to Cernavoda so Raul went there every day and administered treatment. Sadly she died in after a few days. Unfortunately, this horse was not only a victim of neglect and abuse, but also a victim of the system.  

romania sept16 4 romania sept16 5

Case 3:

A horse was spotted in Medgidia, by the Save the Dogs and Other Animals staff. The man that had the horse, took him from his former owner (a hospitalized psychiatric case) a few days before. They explained that the horse had a really slim chance of recovery without months of treatment and rest. The man decided in the best interest of the animal, to donate the horse to Save the Dogs.

The horse is in a severe state but with care and treatment by the team at Save the Dogs they are hoping he will make a full recovery.

They named the horse Alex.

romania sept16 1 romania sept16 6


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