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pakistan march17 2Total of eight visits (twice per week) have been carried out treating a total of 173 animals during the month of March 2017. Animals included:

5 cattle
8 goats
137 donkeys
23 camels

Most of the animals were treated for external and internal parasites.

13 injury cases were treated and dressed for chronic wounds. The owners were educated for regular wound cleaning and redressing along with therapeutic treatment.

9 minor injuries and internal fight injuries were treated and owners were directed for regular cleaning and application of local cream over the wound

5 animals received treatment for minor injuries requiring simple surgical procedures. Suturing was done to close the wounds including two with teat rupture cases.

This is the time to visit external parasites on the animals 

and also the season where grasses have grown as a result of good and timely rains. The sand harbors parasites and their eggs so this is a good time to treat these animals with anti-parasitic drugs orally to reduce the risk of heavy parasitic load.

The coming season is very difficult for these animals in the Thar desert. 

This area has regular seasonal winds between April-May which not only increase the risk of thirst, but also animals are prone to heat stress. In addition, there is history of fires during this season and both human settlements and their animals are at risk.

Animal Aid Abroad will continue to support Dr Viram's clinic work who is the only animal welfare and vet organisation operating in this area of Pakistan.

pakistan march17 3 pakistan march17 1

The story of a little donkey from Pakistan

My name is Epi.

Pakistan 0317 Photo 1I am a dwarf in size and height. My owner purchased me when I was a foal. My mother died when I was just 10 days old. I was born with lots of difficulties. My mother’s owner had no idea how to deal with my mother’s condition - she had dystocia.

He ruptured all the reproductive organs of my mother when she was delivering me and inserted unhygienic hands. Going through extreme pain I was finally delivered.

My mother faced very serious injuries and had a very bad infection. Her back was swollen and she remained off her feed for the rest of her short life. She was in extreme pain and unable to cry.

The owner had no idea how to improve the health of my mother. Finally, after 10 days she died of pain and the heavy infection. The owner left me unattended so I wandered off to find food and reached one home that had some food and love. I stayed there for 3 days.

On the third day the owner of my mother came to my new home and found me. But I refused to go with him.

Pakistan 0317 Photo 2
My new owner paid my price to my old owner and I had a new home. I have been living with my new family from that day to today. I am lucky to have attention from the SAYVET team who arrived here at the village where I live. The expert team thoroughly checked my health and mouth.

Pakistan 0317 Photo 3

They suggested my master give me soft food. They also treated me for worms.

Pakistan 0317 Photo 4

They also gave me pain killer medicine and some multivitamins. This medicine will help me to work harder carrying bricks and rubble for my master.

Pakistan 0317 Photo 5

Thanks to Animal Aid Abroad who support Dr Viram and his SAYVET team help animals like me in Pakistan.

Pakistan Update - SAYVET

In November and December SAYVET ran 9 clinics in different locations. In this time they treated a total of 253 animals made up of 245 donkeys and camels. 

There were 103 animals with general weakness, 23 with skin problems, 17 with mange, 24 with wounds, 13 with lameness, and 3 with eye infections. Most animals were also treated with anti-parasitic medication.

In 2016 SAYVET plans to help support and educate other communities on the best management practices for their working animals. As well as this they are planning to provide food supplements to animals at risk and continue their support through outreach clinics.

pak dec15 3 pak dec15 6 
 pak dec15 8 pak dec15 5

 pak dec15 4 pak dec15 7
pak dec15 1 pak dec15 2

Pakistan Update - SAYVET

Four main clinics were run with 133 animals treated - 133 donkeys, 23 camels and 7 goats.

The type of conditions treated: general weakness 87, skin allergies 08, dermatitis 12, ulcerative wounds 04, lameness 6, indigestion 5, loss of appetite 3, RTI 7 and one with a maggot wound. Most of the animals treated with anti-parasitic drugs.

Winter is the favourable season for female camels to give birth and also the season to conceive but food scarcity has caused many problems.

Another drawback is that owners of animals only concentrate on productive animals, while others are neglected. 

Sayvet team are planning to develop some education material at the community level in the near future and our first priority with our upcoming clinics is to feed malnourished animals.

pak jan16 1 pak jan16 3
pak jan16 4 pak jan16 5 pak jan16 2


Pakistan Update - SAYVET

paki oct15 7Dr Viram and his team had a busy month treating donkeys and camels in a number of villages in their area of Pakistan.

They treated many leg wounds caused by tight low quality ropes that are used to restrain and tether animals when not working. A number of camels were also treated for skin infections and allergies. 

Another donkey was treated for dystokia. The vet team were called to an urgent case where a female donkey was bleeding, in a lot of pain and had a very high temperature.

The team swung into action by giving her a pain killer and antibiotics. After 5 days her condition had improved dramatically and she was back walking around and eating. 

paki oct15 1 paki oct15 2 
paki oct15 3 paki oct15 6 
paki oct15 5 paki oct15 4

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