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israel 2017 1Shmaya

Shmaya (to hear) shows the world of animal lovers that though he once endured tremendous cruelty, he is aware that not all humans are bad and that he is now loved, something he had never experienced before his rescue. He continues to be a symbol of overcoming. Though he can't hear, yet he sees Zvika coming from a distance and he rushes over to receive a big hug from Zvika every day. Zvika receives a hug back, in a donkey sort a way.


israel 2017 2Rahat

Rahat, once burnt by evil boys, is forever safe at Pegasus. He loves to energize the pack, sometimes challenging another donkey to a race. He loves to show off that he is now healed, healthy and happy, and never must worry about being set on fire ever again.


israel 2017 3Einat

Though old and blind, Einat loves life and wants to keep on living. She enjoys the things that other people and donkeys take for granted, like basking in the warm sun while listening to the sounds of nature round about. She “sees” with her ears, and engages other donkeys on occasion in serious conversation of braying back and forth, her ears picking up every tone and sound. It would be wonderful if every living creature who was blind, could live out their old age in safety and peace like Einat.

israel 2017 4Jordan

A reminder of how Jordan was rescued many years ago: Zvika had been contacted by the Israeli military forces about an injured donkey on “no man's land” a strip of land, which is filled with mines, and located between Jordan and Israel. I chuckle whenever I think of the rescue as army officials took the situation very seriously, and set up a makeshift “war room” near the location. As they studied strategic maps and conferred how to get the donkey out of the mine field. Zvika who was with them, walked over to the separation fence with a piece of bread in his hand while gentling calling the donkey who walked right up to the fence. The only thing needed to be done was to cut the wire fence and Jordan was home free. His leg had been severely damaged, probably by a mine and was amputated. He continues to be a living example of how one can endure a physical challenge yet, live life to the fullest, and boy does he ever. He is still wooing the female donkeys to this day, and loves to frolic with them.

israel 2017 5Eldad

Eldad celebrates life and freedom every day. When he was rescued some years ago, his legs had been cruelly held together with wire, a fierce method to prevent him from running away. The wire had cut his legs deeply. He continues to be the leader of the pack at Pegasus. He proudly gallops around always happy that his legs and his soul, are forever free.


Recently rescued donkey - Eldad saves a new friend

Zvika [Founder of Pegasus] received a call from a woman about a lone stranded donkey, with a badly injured leg. When Zvika arrived to the location, he found the donkey lying down due to the pain she was suffering. Upon assessing the situation, he knew that her leg would need to be amputated, but the final decision would come from the vet. He called her Ruhama (Mercy), and he brought her back to Pegasus, where Tanya cleaned, treated and dressed her serious wound to prevent further injury and reduce pain, as bone tissue was exposed. 

Ruhama seemed happy to be at Pegasus, and would look at us with her kind eyes, asking for someone to pet her. She seemed aware that we had her best interests at heart.

After a few days, Ruchama was admitted to the hospital. Upon arrival, she exited the trailer ever so slowly and seemed fearful, not knowing where she was heading. After she arrived to the examination room, Dr. Roi Da'an did some x-rays, which showed that she was missing bone tissue in her leg, and confirmed that the only option was amputation. She was scheduled for surgery the next day.

Dr. Roi Dahan called the following morning to inform us that Ruchama was suffering from acute anaemia – probably due to the blood loss from the wound and from infection. He said that she needs a blood transfusion prior to the surgery. We immediately thought of Eldad who is now strong and healthy (and whom we rescued from the desert some years earlier, where his legs had been tightly bound with wire ropes which had penetrated his skin, and had made walking nearly impossible). And indeed, when we entered the donkeys’ compound, Eldad immediately approached the fence as if he knew that he was needed. We arrived at the hospital with Eldad and he donated 3 litres of blood to Ruchama. He was able to help save Ruchama and we were so moved by this.

Ruchama had the surgery, which was successful, and she continues to heal and feel safe and loved, at the sanctuary. She is learning to adjust to three legs. She enjoys the morning sunrises and the early breezes that are filled with fresh scents of the day. 

"To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of the season".

Happy New Year from all the team and animals at Pegasus 

pegasus dec16 1 pegasus dec16 2

In a secret night operation, the Pegasus rescue team went to Yerocham to collect 9 donkeys that came to Sigal’s, the donkey’s angel from Yerocham. During the summer vacation a lot of bored kids are out on the street, and because of the heat a lot of donkeys come to Yerocham – which for them is a green oasis. The combination of kids on vacation and wandering donkeys is not good. Sigal didn’t like this situation and collected the 9 donkeys, including a small donkeyfoal to her house and asked Pegasus to come and get them. Zvika and his team arrived with two vehicles and two wagons and took this cute long-ears group to the foundation’s yard where they met additional donkeys from Yerocham. Now they are with us, safe from harassing kids, enjoying a bounty of food and cool water.

High noon, the sun beats on his head, he is thirsty but the pain in his leg keeps him at one place. There is no water where he is and he cannot walk to find it. His leg is in the air since morning and the reports are coming in – probably a car accident. When Pegasus reached him he was afraid. He was probably peopleshy until today, but his pain overcame his fear and he stopped and allowed us to get near him. Let us hope that he will recover quickly and will play with the rest of the donkeys at the Pegasus Society.

isr junjul16 1 isr junjul16 2

pegasus 2016 1Shmaya 

Shmaya has enjoyed his summer months, especially the cooler evenings, when he frolics with his friends, near the lovely date palms. As you may remember, his ears had been cut off before we rescued him. Just as a deaf person learns to communicate without hearing, over time, Shmaya has developed his own sweet donkey communication system with his friends, and they understand exactly what he is “talking” about.


pegasus 2016 2Rahat

Rahat who, like the others, is lavished with love and care, seems to have forgotten that he was ever so abused and burnt, by wicked teenagers. He playfully rejoices each morning as the sun begins to appear, but only with the playmates of his choosing, and he seems to be delighted for yet another happy and secure day, in which he can celebrate his freedom from abuse and neglect forever. He is looking so healthy and strong.


pegasus 2016 3Einat

Sweet elderly Einat, though old and blind, doesn't miss a trick, and she knows exactly where she wants to go at the sanctuary. She knows that she is safe and secure, living out the rest of her years in peace and safety. Oh, how she loves a good gentile forehead rub. If only my back could receive as many good rubs and pats as she gets to enjoy



pegasus 2016 4Jordan

Jordan continues to be the Don Juan around here! And the ladies seem to enjoy it when he chases them around. His hooves are now giving him good balance, and he needs that for his antics! Not only do the females adore him, but he is a true people person, and never turns down a good session of TLC. Sometimes, he even gives us a donkey smile, revealing every single tooth. Who could resist giving him a big hug?


pegasus 2016 5Eldad

Spunky Eldad, continues to enjoy life and doesn't look back to his dark past for a moment. As a local leader of the pack, he gently accesses new comers, and after deciding to let them into the family, he entices them to a little “horse play”, and which they normally accept. Eldad also loves a good roll in dirt, especially after a good brushing, as if to say, hah, I'll take care of my fur my way. I think that he may have invented the word "stubborn" and we love him just the same.



pegasus 2016 6Freddie

As we reported in our previous report, our beloved Freddie sadly passed away on the 21st of April.

Meanwhile, a foal had been born at the sanctuary whom we also named Freddie, and we are happy to report that Freddie #2 was adopted into a loving family who are lavishing him with loving care and attention, and we hear that he demands this attention on a very regular basis.

While we miss both our Freddies, there are always new equines that need to be rescued and we look forward to telling you about some of them in our next update, as we are honoured to give them all the second chances that they so deserve.


This week we were blessed with the first rain of the year, ending a very hot and difficult summer. During summer, which is the toughest season of the year in Israel, our residents were kept cool and hydrated in the Pegasus shelter. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about many other donkeys in Israel, who were overworked despite the heat, heavy metal chains chafing their skin, heavy loads strapped to their backs. Some of them joined us during the summer - a young donkey from TulKarem who was pulling a cart with an unbelievably heavy load, Daniel, a lame donkey who was found wandering near Neve Daniel, Zohar, a donkey who decided to get back to civilization after living in the desert, and many more.

Now we are getting ready for winter, and already the donkeys' short summer coats are starting to change into long winter coats. We are hoping for a very rainy winter, so that plenty of sweet grass will grow in the fields.

The following top pictures of the rescue of the donkey from Tul Karem and underneath is the same donkey after a few weeks in the Pegasus shelter:

pega oct15 1 pega oct15 2pega oct15 3 

On The Left is Zohar waiting near the gas station where she was found and on the right is happy Zohar, outside with her new friends at the sanctuary:
pega oct15 7 pega oct15 6

On the left is is Daniel being rescued and on the right is Daniel today, as you can see his leg is healing slowly:
pega oct15 5 pega oct15 4



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