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nepal june17 1Mox

Mox has become the strongest equine in our sanctuary and has a bit of a roving eye; he generally gets into fights, especially with Buddy, because of Hella. Being quite young, he tried to approach all the females in the group, so we finally decided to castrate him to calm him down. We castrated him on the 1st of December 2016 and he was also given a tetanus vaccine on the same day. Mox is not a fan of grooming time, especially when it comes to cleaning his hooves. Overall, he is a joyful and energetic mule, enjoying his life in our shelter. His favourite companion is Mana, one of our technicians at the Sanctuary.


nepal june17 2Stella

Stella is a sweet mule. He was abandoned by his owner and left to fend on his own. When he was rescued by Animal Nepal, he was suffering from respiratory problems, anaplasmosis and was missing an eye. Stella has recovered well. He is almost 300 kgs and spending a happy life with rest of our four legged furry friends. He is one our quieter mules and enjoys the company of the caretakers very much. He got all his vaccines with his fellow friends on the 2nd of December (T.T) and Rabies on 17th December. Stella is now a very healthy and happy mule with no sign of sickness.


nepal june17 3Lava

Lava is a male donkey rescued from Kathmandu district. When Animal Nepal team found him he was suffering from malnutrition and was extremely weak. Since then, he has been living at our Godawari Donkey sanctuary. His half cut ear and his short height gives him a unique look and always stands out when he is identified for visitors. Luv and Kush are like “Thompson twins” and generally stay with each other.

Till date he hasn’t shown signs of any illness. We gave him liver tonic and all the necessary vaccines with the other residents of our sanctuary. Additionally, he bravely faced dental treatment and now is sporting a lovely grin!


nepal june17 4Kush

Like Lava, Kush is very content and one of the cutest members of our furry family. He loves and welcomes everybody to Sanctuary. He loves to be groomed. Like Lava, he also has a beautiful smile, thanks to his dental treatment. Kush loves trotting around with his twin and with their trimmed teeth they are quick to grab treats from the hands of our visitors.



nepal june17 5Chung

Chung is a female donkey. She was rescued from Santaneshwor brick kiln in Lalitpur district. When Animal Nepal medical team examined her health condition they found her very weak, was slightly lame and there were wounds all over her body.

This year Chung is happy and healthy after all her routine vaccines, deworming, hoof trimming and most importantly trimming of teeth. She hangs around her fellow friends and does not interfere in anyone’s business. Chung is quite happy around her friends or even when she’s alone. She likes to run down to the sanctuary and spend her time grazing at the paddock.


nepal june17 6Sangeet

Sangeet is a male donkey. He was rescued from Santaneshwor brick kiln in Lalitpur district. Our team found him in a dire condition and he was very weak. Once recovered, Sangeet has not faced any health issues after his rescue. He is easy to handle during routine vaccinations. A friendly and lovable donkey, Sangeet gets along with everyone, especially our para-vet Tara. He is free-spirited donkey who loves roaming around the grassy fields and playing in the mud. He has quite an appetite and is very pleased when cabbage is part of the menu!


nepal june17 7Samir

Samir is a white colour,12 year old female donkey. She was rescued from Bolbom brick kiln in Lalitpur district. She was abandoned by her owner and was suffering from skin related issues and nutrition deficiency. Now, Samir is healthy and has gained a bit of weight. She is a little scared of people and other animals, so we are extra gentle when trimming her hooves and giving her vaccinations. She does however love to get brushed. She is a silent nibbler and you can find her inspecting your belongings if you leave it within her reach!


nepal june17 8Puffin

Puffin is a female donkey. In 2012, she was rescued from Lele, Lalitpur district. She is prone to fungal infections and unfortunately Puffin lost the soft fur on her legs yet again this year. Our caring vets and paravets were quick to treat her. Her hair has also grown significantly. She is under medication and is improving day by day . She has received all the vaccinations for this year and her teeth are also in good condition after trimming. Puffin perks up when she smells carrots and enjoys being groomed. She is very friendly and gentle with our young visitors. She is one of our older equines an is enjoying her retired life in our santuary.


nepal june17 9Hella

Hella is a beautiful female horse. In 2015, Hella was rescued from Bhaktapur district. She had a severe hoof infection, bad saddle wounds and was severely malnourished. It took her a long time to recover, but now she has settled into our sanctuary quite well. She carries the crown of being the most beautiful horse in our sanctuary. She is generally kind to the younger equines and is like a mother figure to them. She prefers Buddy’s company and uses him as a shield when she’s afraid.


nepal june17 10Markhu

Markhu is a male horse. He was rescued from Bhaktapur district. At the time he was rescued, he had overgrown hooves and was limping. Now, Markhu adores running around our fields with his friends and is very fond of grazing. He is very healthy and we groom him regularly, which he enjoys thoroughly. He is very friendly with all our team members, however, he does have a tendency to bite when he is over excited. He loves rolling in the sand and will plunge into the sandpit any chance he gets. Blessed with a good appetite he is quite the eater and gobbles most of the treats given to him.


nepal june17 11Naina

Naina is a very frail, aged, blind donkey. Her name means beautiful eyes!

Animal Nepal caretakers Santa Bahadur Shrestha and Masini Shrestha take extra care of our beautiful Naina. We got her from a french lady, Pauline Coze, who had stayed in Kathmandu.

Due to her old age her activities are limited and requires assistance most of the time. She has trouble eating as she has lost most of her teeth.

All the visitors treat her very gently and kindly. She is happy, gentle donkey.


nepal june17 12Krishna

Krishna is like a large puppy and loves cuddles from our visitors. He is well-liked by his friends in the shelter. He was our first rescue and was personally rescued by our President, Pramada Shah. He is about 8 years old but a big baby at heart. He is very easy to groom and to take care of; he is very friendly with all our staff members. He is the cutest donkey in our shelter and is spoilt rotten by all our staff, especially our President.


nepal june17 13Fudge

Fudge is a male donkey. He is about 8 years old and very happy and active. Ever since his teeth were trimmed, he feels better to eat his food and enjoys grazing. He is already vaccinated for this year and looks good and healthy. Our team have been looking after his hooves and grooming him regularly. Our care taker takes them down to graze which he loves the most. He is quite excitable when it’s time to take him to the fields and sprints almost immediately. Our vet, Dr Atish is particularly fond of Fudge.


nepal june17 14Shakti

Shakti is another beautiful female horse. Shakti and Hella are almost the same age and there is bit of a competition between them regarding” who’s the fairest of them all”. She’s quite possessive about her meals and tends to get snappy if someone tries to take her share. She does have a secret crush on Buddy but obviously is smart enough to keep it to herself and not get into any trouble. Overall, she’s friendly and has a tendency to put on weight and from time to time; our caretakers have to put her on a diet! As mentioned before, Shakti is especially fond of Tara, our para-vet and relies on her a lot.


nepal june17 15Noby

Noby is easily the most handsome equine, and is a bit choosy when it comes to who he wants to hang around with. Noby, along with his other friends at the sanctuary go through their regular maintenance of teeth and hoof trimming and are kept in tip-top condition. He is obviously very proud of his beautiful hair and loves to be brushed.

Our doctor Sajana, is very fond of him and Noby tends to respond to her much better than our other caretakers. He does not have any major health issues and is spending his days happily with other members in the shelter.


nepal june17 16BB

BB was in fairly good condition when she came to the sanctuary and is approximately 8 years old. She’s also a nibbler and one does need to be careful around him! BB is not particularly fond when it comes to trimming of her teeth and can get quite antsy!

She has lovely soft fur which she’s very proud of and loves to be groomed regularly. She’s generally in good health and does not fear the vaccinations which is a huge relief for our caretakers. She’s friendly and her best mates are Fudge, Shakti and Krishna. Our sanctuary dog, Lucky is also her buddy and both of them playing in the sand do make an interesting sight.


nepal june17 17Buddy

Buddy is the “ Casanova” of our sanctuary!! No surprises, that he has beautiful Hella as his partner who he is quite possesive of. As we know, Shakti also harbours a love interest for him but is too polite to mention. He still has a lingering paddle bone problem with his leg which gives him trouble sometimes walking; he requires support when climbing up and down the field. Summer season is the best time for him as his joints give him less trouble, unlike the winter season. But, despite this problem, he’s ready to defend Hella whenever Mox, who is one of the strongest mule at the sanctuary, tries to grab her. Buddy has received his vaccinations for the year and like his companions goes through the usual round of grooming and dental checkups.


nepal june17 18Maneka

Maneka is a sixteen and half year-old female donkey. She was rescued from Lalitpur District. Maneka needs constant support, especially while getting up, as her right hind leg was dislocated at the time of rescue and due to her advancing age, it bothers her. She gets sores easily which our caretaker Mana immediately dresses. Like Naina, she does not really go to the fields and generally stays at the shelter.


nepal june17 19Bruna

Bruna is an ageing female donkey. She has a slight limp but that does not hinder her daily activities at the sanctuary and is particularly fond of our para-vet Santosh Shrestha. She’s a quiet and gentle donkey who enjoys her cabbage and carrot meals; and does not like to share her meals with anyone. Bruna loves to be photographed and can pose very well when there are visitors at our sanctuary. She passes her days at the sanctuary grazing and lolling around in the sand in peace and contentement.




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